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Get Well Scottsdale specializes in Hypothyroidism. Proper treatment of hypothyroidism helps prevent Alzheimer's, heart attacks, heart failure, and diabetes. Research has shown that proper treatment of hypothyroidism resolves 2/3 of joint and muscle pain as well as the vast majority of headaches and migraines.  

Our Approach

We're an Integrated Medical Center who cares about our patients well-being and are committed to helping you feel your best! Get Well Scottsdale is a Certified BioTE practice . Our treatments include Energetic Healing using voltage, Human Identical Hormones, Nutritional Therapies, homeopathy, Lymphatic Therapy and Cleanse Programs.

In Office Treatments

*Biomodulator and Transducer Treatments

*Hormone Replacement Therapy

*NeuroScope Treatment

*Nutritional Consultations

*B-12, B-6, B-5 Injections, Blood Draws

*Nutrient IV'S

*Lymphatic Therapy

Naturopathic medicine is not just alternative 

medical therapy. It is also a mindset and lifestyle. 

Once you truly embrace this medicine, your outlook on health and life will forever be enhanced.

Dr. Krystal Tellier, NMD, CPM